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This is because they like to make a good impression and can get very worried about earning others approval. Their biggest fear is being betrayed by someone close to them, this could also be why they are so secretive. Once their trust is broken, they have a difficult time ever regaining that trust. They can be quite private people, so this is not a surprise. Sagittarius's are optimistic, good-humored and straightforward people.

They can sometimes become argumentative, but they also love to learn new things and absorb things they find useful. Their biggest fear is a fear of losing their freedom.


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They are usually quite independent people and they fear being trapped in a lifestyle they cannot change, or control themselves. Capricorns can be ambitious, careful and practical. They are often very hard working and also have goals that they would like to reach. They usually have a great strategy for achieving their goals, which can bring great results. This is also their biggest insecurity.

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They are very fearful of failure, which can cause them to feel less proud of their accomplishments and if things go wrong, they could blame themselves. Aquarius's are quite independent, unpredictable and sometimes detached. They liked to have their own freedom and do not enjoy being tied down. They also tend to take a lot of risks and have an optimistic outlook on life.

Their biggest fear is losing their individuality. They can sometimes fear that they might have to compromise what they believe in one day. One of the most important things to them is their independence. This is also very similar to their insecurities too. Their biggest insecurity is commitment ; they feel happier when they are free and have their own set of rules.


Pisces's traits can be that they are compassionate, selfless and sympathetic. They like to help others and also like to be around people and not become detached as they can become unhappy. This can sometimes lead to low self-esteem and doubt. This can be why they often try and be around others and stay attached to people. Their insecurities are that they feel like they are going to disappoint the most important people in their lives.

Every zodiac sign shows different traits and insecurities, and it's easy to see how each fear is connected to the insecurities for each sign.

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Taurus April 20th — May 20th Taurus's are warm-hearted, loving, determined and security loving too. Gemini May 21st — June 20th If you are a Gemini, then you are probably very intellectual, communicative and inconsistent. Virgo August 23rd — September 22nd Virgos are perfectionists, reliable and over-critical. Libra September 23rd — October 22nd Libras are indecisive , romantic and diplomatic. Scorpio October 23rd — November 21st Scorpios can be often emotional, intuitive and resentful. Sagittarius November 22nd — December 21st Sagittarius's are optimistic, good-humored and straightforward people.

Back to roses, though, because the thing about headiness, is that a Gemini, too, will overpower you naturally, with their scent, with their inherent appeal, with their softness hiding their thorns. And then they'll make you bleed. If a Gemini were an animal, it would be a cat because, like a cat, a Gemini is always beautifully bored. A Gemini would be happy lying around all day, licking itself, leaving the house only to kill something just for fun. A Gemini could be a bird, but not a songbird. It would be a raptor. If an animal is a Gemini, it has to have claws.

If a Gemini were a weather system, it would be a thunderstorm on a super hot day, one of those days when the light is green and you almost need gills to breathe the air outside. If Gemini were a color, it would be silver; and if it were an element, it would be mercury. And if you can't figure out why, I'm not going to help you. If a Gemini were a character in Game of Thrones , it would be a Targaryen. A Gemini would mostly be Daenerys though because she was born to rule and she clearly means well but she also really wants no counsel other than her own.

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Luckily, she's almost always right about everything. If a Gemini were a perfume, it would be this new Goop perfume , the one that smells like shiso and having sex in the woods during a rainstorm. And a Gemini wouldn't even care that Gwyneth Paltrow made that perfume because Geminis know that if they like something, it's worth liking. Alternately, a Gemini would wear Egyptian musk oil, the kind you can buy on the sidewalks of New York City, from vendors that also sell incense. Well, you're right, and you're wrong, because she's a Gemini-Cancer cusp, and those people are a whole other problem that we don't have time for right now.

Just kidding, I'll get back to them soon. Maybe, at this point you're thinking, Wow, Geminis actually aren't that bad. They sound sort of cool. Well, you're right, and you're wrong, because lots of Geminis aren't that bad, and lots of Geminis are sort of cool. How do I know this? Because I am a Gemini. First off, like, of course , I am. Do you think anyone other than a Gemini would delight so much in writing about how Geminis are such psychopaths?

But not just any psychopath, like, highly desirable psychopaths, the human equivalent of soft and beautiful suede? No, only a Gemini would do that. Well, actually, no: Only a Gemini-Cancer cusp, which is what I actually am, would do that. And before you ask, no, I am not going to ever write about any other zodiac sign other than Gemini because, like a true Gem, I don't care about any others. This is it. Here is a fun and cool thing about me and Lana Del Rey: We both manage to drop the fact in casual conversation i.

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Literally nobody. And only a Gemini-Cancer cusp like Del Rey would sing about what a freak she is, and how she fucked her way to the top, and how she's a "Brooklyn baby. No, no, they can't. But the reason why she can do that is because she has the plausible deniability of being a Cancer, too, and being in touch with her emotions.

Plus, she can cry on fucking cue, if needed. But secretly? She delights in being provocative and aggressively bored and wanting to die. Wanting to die is such a summer solstice baby thing to want! Just like Geminis are low-key psychopaths, summer is the low-key season of death, of stagnation, of rapture.

It's so But also, so is love, which is now Lana's thing. That's the Cancer in her coming out, the part of her that has actual feelings.

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  4. Did you know Cancer's astrological symbol is a horizontal 69? It represents the connection between the material and spiritual world. But so back to Gemini, because there's someone else we need to talk about here, and that someone is Donald Trump, who is like such a Gemini that he actually almost isn't a Gemini, even though he's the most Gemini ever.

    Like, you know, everything I said about how Geminis are notable for their beautiful hands and mouths? Well, sorry for making you do this, but think about those of Trump for a second. Shudder, right? He's notable for those features, but not because they're beautiful, but rather because they're grotesqueries—tiny, worm-like grotesqueries. And Trump is someone who is all in his head too, someone who can manifest things—seemingly impossible things!

    He could literally shoot people on Fifth Avenue, and nothing would happen. And here's the thing: Of course he can, because he is a Gemini. Donald Trump is the ur-Gemini, and he is proof that even Scorpios including, let's not forget, one Hillary Clinton cannot stand up to the true psychopathy of a Gemini. Because a Gemini will use their considerable rhetorical powers to make everyone get the fuck out of their way. There will always be those among us who don't believe what a Gemini is selling, but it won't matter.

    Like, even if the majority of people don't believe a Gemini's bullshit, it still doesn't matter because of how completely a Gemini believes their own. So they will still get their way. Like Trump did, and will continue to.

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    Until, you know, he won't. Because here's the thing: Pretty much all Geminis wind up eventually falling from whatever lofty positions they attain. They can't help it. Icarus was, no doubt, a Gemini. But it all makes sense, really, since pride goes before a fall, and no sign has more pride than a Gemini.