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He noticed that only twelve came to visit him so he very generously made them individually in charge of a particular year as the zodiac. Therefore we notice that people born on a particular year have certain characteristics of the zodiac animal which represents his or her birth year.

Ten-God Chinese Five Element Astrology

Chinese astronomy was encouraged during the Han Dynasty and therefore it helped the Chinese astrology to grow as well. The positions of the planets are also calculated but the most important planet of them all is the Jupiter. The Chinese Astrology is based on the Yin Yang or the five elements. The exclusiveness of the Chinese Astrology is attributed to the fact that it tells us which other animal sign is compatible with us. The table given below shows the daily Kaal Timings.

How to Read a Birth Chart.. in Minutes!

It's important to bear in mind that the interpretation of a natal chart using a computer program is always quite limited, what happens is that there are two different stages when making a natal chart:. Regarding the natal charts calculated in this web, the first part should be well done supposing I made no mistake when writing the program , and the short interpretation and comments I give is what could be programmed without putting too much hours on it.

Chinese Horoscope | 12 Animals Chinese Zodiac - London & Poole

Anyway, I think that is good to give a general impression, and if you are curious about it you can just learn more from the information on this site or anywhere else Then, whether your natal chart appears to be favourable or not, you have to borne in mind that although the data are reliable, the interpretation is rather superficial, sometimes there are things than can look too bad but looking in deep they are not so bad or can be compensated easily.

In addition to this limitation due to the use of a computer program to interpret them, you have to add all these factors, which in one form or another also can limit reliability:. So is likely that two different astrologers interpret differently some aspects of the natal chart, and of course one has to be more than the other Throughout history these theories and methods of interpretation of natal charts have been changing, there has been quite a few things that have been lost, others that have been modified rightly or not , and in consequence that has generated much confusion, so you shouldn't just believe whatever you are told.

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Even it's not uncommon to find authors who contradict each other even when explaining how to perform some basic calculations, so if your are serious about learning to interpret a birth chart, you must establish your own criteria somewhat. Ultimately, the natal charts are based on what happens in the sky during a cyclical period, but this is not constant over the centuries, there are slow changes that after one or two thousand years imply that some things have to be changed in the way a natal chart is calculated and interpreted, and this can happen or not, and even if these changes take place, there are differing views on how it should be done.

Master Tsai Chinese Astrology

Then, from my point of view the natal charts are something useful and interesting, but which must be appreciated with caution, in the sense of having a critical attitude towards it, especially with its consistency with what the reality we know shows, my experience is that in the vast majority of cases, there is this consistency, but it isn't strange to find cases or issues where we do not see that all clear.